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It may initially feel that having someone with a camera present at such a sensitive time will feel a little weird. However, we do everything we can to completely blend into the background and not intrude on the day whatsoever. We dress appropriately, stay out of the way and make sure that you can focus on the day at hand.

Many of our reviews mention that they didn’t even realise we were there – take a look for yourself.

Everybody’s situation is different and we want to ensure we have something we can offer to anyone and everyone.

Our services start at just £95 to enable you to stream the funeral service with equipment you already have, while still benefiting from many of our premium features. We also have a £295 crematorium webcasting solution which is designed to offer a more personal and premium viewing experience to that what the crematorium can offer in-house. Finally, our professional live streaming services offer the best in-class for funeral streaming, giving the virtual guests the next best thing to being their in person.

While we ensure that our funeral videography services remain affordable each funeral service is different, as will be your requirements. For each funeral we put together a quote for you based on what/how much you want us to capture. It’s important to us that we are totally in tune with what you want so please get in touch

Before the funeral you must:

  • Please inform the funeral director and ask them to contact us if they wish to do so.
  • Obtain consent from the venue hosting the funeral. Without their consent we may be unable to live stream at the funeral.
  • Advise the congregation in advance that the funeral will be live streamed or videoed. 

We can, if required, set up in a couple of minutes for funeral streaming. We would, however, recommend thirty minutes to allow for us to test camera positions and run checks on audio and uplink quality.

We always plan to arrive 90 minutes – 2 hours before the service is due to start.

Whilst we provide our own internet connection and back-up battery power, we recommend that access to both power and a network connection is made available as a fallback.

We will also need approximately 1.5 metres square for the funeral streaming equipment and operator.

Our team always dress smartly and respectfully when attending a funeral. We do all we can to minimise our presence at the service and to ensure the funeral live stream goes smoothly. 

We require payment in advance to be made at the time of booking confirmation. This can be made by either BACS or all major credit or debit cards.

Upon booking confirmation, an invoice will be issued containing payment information for the funeral streaming service.

The first 100 miles of total travel from the funeral streaming operator’s location is included. Miles after the first 100 are charged at 45 pence per mile.

Accommodation is not included and is rarely required.

Unfortunately not, even if the graveside service is taking place just after the church service and is on the same grounds, it would still count as two locations for the funeral live stream. 

If you are looking for live streaming funeral services that cover multiple venues, click here.

Filming & Streaming

Absolutely. If you’re looking for advice on live funeral streaming using your smartphone, please take a look at our Stream a Funeral Yourself service.

Our primary streaming platform is the appropriately named Boxcast. However, depending on our client’s requirements we can also use Vimeo, Livestream, Castr, Facebook or Youtube

A link will be provided that will carry the funeral live stream (see example). It’s designed to be easy to use, so there are absolutely no downloads or logins, just click the link and the stream will appear.

The same link will be used after the service to enable your friends and family to watch the service back if they weren’t able to do so live.

Yes, our video player for live funeral streaming can be used on all modern devices from smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, games consoles, computers and laptops.

The page containing the funeral live stream will not be indexed by search engines and the video will only be available if you know the unique, direct link. Upon your request, we can also password protect the funeral streaming page.

Unless you have opted to stream to Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram or YouTube, your funeral live stream and video will be locked to only work on our website.

Yes, you can watch the stream on any smart device including all phones, tablets and Smart TVs. Simply copy your private URL into your search bar and you’ll see the page containing the video.

Should you prefer to stream to your TV using the YouTube app, just let us know and we’ll ensure that is possible for you.

We use the latest technology in the streaming market to split the video image of the funeral streaming into packages and send across any internet source available to us. This includes ethernet, WiFi, and all major mobile phone providers such as 02, EE, Vodafone and Three.

The multiple signals are then interpreted by our enterprise grade server and the video is stitched back together to show your funeral live stream within milliseconds of the service.

We will have our own back-up batteries to run the equipment, but power access is always recommended for a funeral live stream service.

We arrive at every service with a minimum of two mobile broadband providers and have packages with EE, Vodafone, 02 and Three Mobile.

We will check the venue through the service provider’s website in advance to make sure we bring the best connection available, however, we cannot guarantee 100% uplink time.

If, in the worst case scenario, it is not possible to stream or the stream fails; we will have a back up recording on the camera which will be uploaded to the video player as soon as possible after the service.

Commonly Asked Online

There are various ways to watch a funeral online, such as through live streaming services or virtual attendance platforms. How to watch a funeral online depends on the preferences of the family or organisers and the technology available to them.

There is the option to watch a live stream funeral later through recorded videos or replays, depending on the arrangements made by the organisers. Can you watch a live stream funeral later if you miss the initial broadcast? Yes, many funeral streaming platforms offer recorded versions for viewing at a later time. We offer this as standard with unlimited playback options.

Funeral live streaming services are platforms that enable individuals to attend funeral services virtually from any location with internet access. Funeral live streaming services offer a way for friends and family members who cannot be physically present to participate in the ceremony and pay their respects remotely.

There are several steps to live stream a funeral, starting with selecting the appropriate equipment such as a camera and microphone. How to live stream a funeral involves setting up the equipment in a discreet location within the venue to ensure minimal disruption to the service. Let the Funeral Streaming professionals handle it all or stream it yourself – read the full guide here.

The ability to live stream funerals provides a practical solution for situations where in-person attendance may not be feasible. Can funerals be live streamed to respect the privacy and wishes of the family while still allowing distant relatives and friends to participate? Absolutely, live streaming offers a respectful and convenient way for mourners to pay their respects from afar.

The best way to live stream a funeral is to ensure you have the necessary equipment, such as a high-quality camera and microphone, to capture the service effectively. Best way to live stream a funeral involves selecting a reliable streaming platform that offers privacy settings and technical support for seamless broadcasting. Here at Funeral Streaming you can hire all the equipment straight from us, or hire a professional to handle it all.

Live streaming a funeral requires setting up the necessary equipment at the venue, including cameras, microphones, and internet connectivity. How does live streaming a funeral work technically? It involves ensuring a stable internet connection to transmit the audio and video feed seamlessly to the streaming platform. Funeral Streaming offers a private streaming platform for you to stream a funeral yourself, or one of our professional operators can handle and film everything for you.

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The Funeral Streaming team operates remotely across the whole of the UK to ensure we can be available for whomever needs us. Therefore we do not have a physical office. 

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If we don’t answer straight please leave a message and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, send us a message via the contact form.

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Our phone lines and emailed are manned as much as possible during normal operating hours. However, if we do not answer we may be at, or travelling to/from, a funeral.

We do endeavour to answer any enquiries within 1-2 hours – including during weekends or public holidays where possible.