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In recent years having a funeral service live-streamed has been commonplace. However, the service service provided by the crematoriums in-house system has often left those relying on their service let down, whether that be a poor quality image, hard to hear audio or the stream failing all together.

Many families in need have turned to Funeral Streaming to provide a higher quality and reliable service. We have developed a robust and reliable system that can operate entirely independently to that of the venue. We use our own cameras, own microphones and a bonded internet connection.

If you’re considering having your loved one’s funeral service live-streamed, get in touch to have a chat with a member of our friendly team to find out what is possible.

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Why Use Funeral Streaming?

Trusted by Funeral Directors and hundreds of families all over the UK, we stream in excess of 500 funerals per year.

Since early 2020 demand for live-streaming has grown astronomically. One of the industries most directly affected was the funeral industry, with each crematorium now live-streaming daily. Webcasting went from a rarely-used service to a household name overnight and many of the companies providing the service, and the crematorium staff operating them, had to learn the ins and outs of the industry from scratch. We have been live-streaming events for decades and have the infrastructure and expertise to support it.

We have used our over 15 years of live streaming experience to ensure we can offer the best in our class.

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The award winning Funeral streaming team do this day in and day out and we are incredibly proud of what we do.

As well as our discreet live-streaming professional who will be physically in attendance at the funeral, we also have one of our technical support crew overseeing the quality of the video feed.

Our team will be constantly in contact with each other to ensure everything is high quality and working as expected.

We use a combination of professional grade platforms to ensure we have a back-up if necessary. Although it is rare, streaming platforms can go down without warning. We have our back-up streams already running, so should we need to, we can seamlessly switch to our alternative.

Our team also carry multiple microphones, batteries and internet sources to ensure we have backup solutions that we can use on the fly.

Yes, we appreciate that £495 for our professional service may be far from affordable for some people. However, amongst other like-for-like services we pride ourselves on being, at times, £100’s of pounds cheaper. 

We have also developed a service that allows your to Stream Yourself for just £95 or £195 with our rental equipment.


Our technical team has built a bespoke and customisable viewing experience. Meaning wecan create a page to host the stream that truly represents your loved one.

Take a look at one of our example pages.

We work directly with funeral directors and celebrants to ensure we take all of weight of planning off of your shoulders.

We are a growing team of 9 industry professionals who work in this industry full time. 

This means we are flexible and importantly, we are available to support you and your family in whatever way we can.

YouTube video
YouTube video

We are incredibly proud to share over 150 five star reviews with you, submitted by families, celebrants, people who have felt the benefit of watching our streams and funeral industry staff. Having such varied funeral live-streams from all kinds of locations, we encourage you to have a read through our reviews to reinforce the fact that organising a funeral live-stream is the right decision for you and your family.

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