About Us

A nationwide Family Business

Founded by two brothers, Ben and Matthew, family and that ever-so-important personal touch are the pillars of our company. This picture was taken while we were on holiday and we received the news that our Grandpa had passed away. Beyond a patchy landline, our Dad had no way to be in contact with the rest of our family at the time and the whole process was pretty heartbreaking for everyone. The desire and need to be connected to our family was arguably the seed for what would become Funeral Streaming decades later.

We are based in various locations throughout the UK to ensure we can service the whole nation. We are always happy to travel to wherever the funeral or memorial service is taking place, so please do get in touch and speak to one of our friendly team to see what is possible.

About us - Young Ben Quine and Matt Quine sitting in chairs

A Team We’re Proud Of

Our award-winning team of camera operators and live stream techies know their stuff. Exclusively serving the live-streaming and video industry Stephen, Victor, Ed, Adam, Jess and Andrew are always on hand to help be the eyes and ears of those watching online. They’re a stellar team and we’re proud to call them ours.

You’ll be able to see reviews for all of our team here.

Our Arrangers

When arranging your funeral live stream or video service you’ll likely find yourself speaking with either Ben or Ryan. They also provide remote technical support for our team while they’re on-site to ensure everything is running smoothly. 

However, both gentlemen do attend funeral and memorial services themselves. Rest assured, whichever one of us it is with you on the day, we pride ourselves on our quality and reliability, ensuring those who cannot be there are still connected to your loved ones send-off.

Sustainability & Supporting Veterans

Many of the families under our care are overseas and flying to the UK for a funeral just may not be practical or affordable. While of course devastating for the family, the reduced travel is beneficial for the environment. We are now seeking to further offset our carbon footprint by supporting Carma, who plant trees on our behalf and provide workdays for UK forces veterans (another cause close to our heart). 

UK veteran planting trees for Funeral Streaming

Do You Just Do Funerals?

Funeral live streaming was almost all of our focus throughout the lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic aside from a few online Zoom-style events. However, we also stream a lot of weddings through our Live Wedding branch. Aside from weddings and funerals, we video and stream all other types of events, such as birthday parties, corporate shows, concerts, graduations, and other church services

For those seeking budget-friendly streaming options, we have our ‘Stream it Yourself’ services, a cost-effective streaming solution for families in need, churches, celebrants and funeral directors who want to add live funeral streaming to their repertoire.

Contact Us

Ben and Ryan are reachable by phone or email anytime, and should one of our team be streaming the service, you are more than welcome to speak to them beforehand.

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