What To Expect When Booking a Funeral Live Stream

Professional funeral live streaming is a relatively new concept, having only become commonplace in the last few years and with the popularity accelerated by the huge levels of demand during the coronavirus pandemic. You may not really know what to expect when thinking about organising a funeral live stream, especially with there being so many different funeral live streaming providers out there, all offering different things at different prices. 

Our award-winning Funeral Streaming team is dedicated to bringing you the best quality service, keeping in mind why you have sought out our services in the first place – we’re here to keep you and your loved ones connected by giving those who cannot attend the next best alternative.

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1. Enquiring & planning for a funeral live stream

The first step will to be speaking with our friendly team (here’s a photo of Ryan, so you can put a face to the voice) to find which our funeral live stream or video services suits you the best. We offer a range of options such as Professional Funeral Live Streaming, Stream a Funeral Yourself, Funeral Videography and Tribute Videos, and all suited for different budgets. 

Every funeral is different, and a deeply personal event, so any of our services can be tailored to suit you. 

We appreciate that this can be an extremely difficult time for you and you may wish to get everything sorted quickly. Should you prefer to handle your booking this way, you can confirm the details directly through our quick and easy form system.

Chat to one of our team

Upon receiving your enquiry we’ll run through some options with you to make sure we’re both on the same page, ensuring you’re getting the best for your budget. We’ll also start running various signal tests at each prospective location. 

We’ll then pencil you in to ensure we don’t double-book the date. Don’t worry if you can’t confirm straight away, we’re happy to hold the date for you. We will also send you a link to our booking form should you wish to confirm our services.

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2. Confirming the funeral details

While our booking form can be completed with essential details such as the address and timings, it is also an opportunity for you to give us any information that you think may help us. You can also let us know your preferences as to how we approach the stream on the day, such as capturing the hearse’s arrival and showing off the flowers. However, fear not, our professional team live stream funerals every day, so you can rest assured that we will make sure everything is handled well and with dignity.

Important notes:

  • Please be aware that without particular indication to do otherwise, we typically try to avoid highly-sensitive moments such as showing close ups of grieving attendees, open caskets or shots down into an open grave.
  • Typically we position ourselves at the rear of the venue with our camera in a raised position to ensure we are discreet. However, should you prefer us to be at the front (or any other particular position), please make us aware.
  • Should you be arranging our services through your Funeral Director, we recommend also contacting us directly to confirm any key points to ensure no information is lost.

An invoice will be sent to you via email. This is payable by credit/debit card or bank transfer. Unfortunately, we do not take payment over the phone.

3. Customising your private viewing page

Each and every funeral is deeply personal. Therefore we we want to create a space that reflects the your loved one, so we have a number of additions we can include. However, if your preference is to keep the page simple, that is totally fine too!

Customisable Options Include:

  • Order of Service
  • Hymn sheet
  • Birth and death dates
  • Stream schedule
  • Photo gallery
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Tribute videos or slideshows
  • The funeral details
  • Links to tribute pages
  • Any text or messages
  • Viewer tributes

All you need to do is email us at hello@funeralstreaming.co.uk with what you would like us to include and we’ll update your page.

Note: Any additions must be sent at least 48h before the day of the service (Monday – Friday) to ensure it can be added in time.

This page will be available to you for 12 months as standard, however, this can be extended, free of charge, at your request.

Example Funeral live-stream viewing page on www.funeralstreaming.co.uk
One of our example pages
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4. What happens on the day of the funeral?

  • Our live-stream operator will be professional and smartly dressed. We will operate self-sufficiently and remain as discreet as possible. We fully appreciate that you will have plenty on your plate already.
  • We aim to arrive at the venue 2 hours before the stream is due to start. We don’t necessarily need access to the venue, however, with the importance of the day at hand, we want to make sure everything is taken care of. Should we have to work within strict time frames we can, the minimum amount of time needed to set up is roughly 15 minutes.
    • We will liaise with venue staff.
    • Test out multiple camera positions.
    • Run a series of signal tests to establish the best-performing networks. Should the connection be poor, we can make a series of adjustments to improve the quality of the connection.
    • Set up our wireless and wired microphones and test audio quality.
    • Set up backup power supplies if needed.
    • Communicate with the remote technical team to ensure the stream quality is good and reliable.
  • Everything will be streamed tastefully and respectfully.
  • If we are streaming from multiple venues we will visit the other locations where possible.
  • Unless you have noted otherwise, once the stream is over we will try to leave discreetly.
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5. Post funeral live stream Aftercare

As soon as the professional funeral live stream has finished it will save as a replayable video. This will remain available to you on your private link for 12 months. Should you wish for us to extend our hosting of your video, we can transfer the video, free of charge, to the Funeral Streaming Youtube channel and host your video indefinitely. 

In the days following the funeral live stream, we will send you a downloadable copy for you to keep. If you would rather a physical copy, we can create USB or DVD keepsakes for you, these are charged at £25 each.

We know that some families who use our service like to return to watch the live stream in the years following to pay tribute. Should there may be anything else you wish to add to the page, just let us know and we can update at your request.