Professional Service - £495

Our professional service allows you to capture the moments that may otherwise go unseen from the crematorium, church, graveside, or wherever you wish the service to take place. With the current restrictions making an already difficult situation that much harder, we hope to relieve some of that stress. By allowing those who cannot be there on the day, due to circumstances beyond their control, a way to say goodbye. 

As the world begins returning to normal, we know a lot of families are wishing to hold memorials services for their loved ones. Please get in touch if you would like us to live stream the service for you.

We do have some optional extras listed below, however, we emphasise that there are no hidden costs within our service’s and everything in our professional package is of high quality.

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What’s Included?

Our standard package includes streaming from a single location, but we can also move with the service to include streaming from your home, place of importance, cremation, church, graveside burial and more.

Every professional package we provide includes:

We use HD and 4K cameras from fixed locations, manned by our live stream professionals.

We also use up to five microphones in our standard set-up to ensure that we capture those speaking and the atmosphere in the venue to make sure that the viewer feels as if they were in the room.

We can provide multi-cam streams with live switching too, get in touch to find out more.

We use the same technology we use to send remote broadcasts to the BBC to bond multiple internet sources together to ensure that our streams are reliable and we have no reliance on the venue’s WiFi network.

We also supply our own power supplies using a range of high-end batteries.

Our ‘Viewing Rooms‘ aren’t indexed by search engines to give you privacy. You can also add password protection to the page if you want an extra layer of security.

They can also include links to an Order of Service, photo gallery, tributes, memorials and/or charity pages. They are also compatible with any smart device and there is no limit on the number of people that can watch, with people being able to tune in wherever they are in the world.

Our ‘Viewing Rooms’ can be accessed at any time, with no time limit on how long they are made available for.

Anyone who wasn’t able to watch live will be able to tune in and watch the full service at their own convenience.

You will also receive a download of the service so you have a copy to keep forever.

Our team always dress appropriately for the service and aim to be as discreet as possible, arriving around 2 hours before the scheduled start time to run tests and set-up equipment.

We provided more than 450 funeral live streams in the last year and for each one, there is always a member of the team monitoring the quality of the stream to ensure the best viewing experience possible.

As a larger team with operators based all over the UK, we are able to both provide nationwide coverage and also keep our prices lower than most of our competitors. We generally stream 10-15 funerals a week, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with funeral streaming professionals.

We also include the first 100 miles of travel as part of our quote as standard. We have live stream professionals based across the UK and therefore additional travel costs are often low, with additional distance charged at 45p per mile.

In an effort to provide continued support to the NHS and Armed Forces we would like to offer a 5% discount on our services. 

Take a look at some of our example streams to give you an idea of what to expect.


Stream From Multiple Locations

The passing of your loved one is quite often more than just a singular ceremony. Our Multiple Location service allows you to capture more of the day. Whether that be a religious ceremony at home, a special place of importance, a cremation service, a church service, graveside burial, and so on. Please be aware that a burial in a churchyard would count as a separate location to the service inside the church.

A lot of crematoriums across the UK already provide live-streaming at very affordable pricing. However, these are just restricted to a fixed-camera within the crematorium itself. We understand that a loved-ones send off is often a lot more than that and capturing those smaller details is very important. Whether it be capturing a church service, burial or just getting that more intimate feel, we are always happy to work with the crematorium to ensure we can get the best possible service for those who cannot be there in person. 

Should you be interested in more than 2 locations, get in touch and we can provide you a quote.


If you would like to discuss live streaming options or have any further enquiries, please get in touch by filling out the form below or reviewing our frequently asked questions. We understand this is a difficult time so will do our very best to help fulfil any webcasting needs as quickly as possible.

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All live services depend upon a reliable 4G connection, however, we do use the latest in mobile bonding technology to achieve maximum up-time. If there were to be an interruption to the stream, we do also record the video to the camera and can upload the content immediately after the service to the private video link.

All travel above a 100 mile return trip from our location is charged at £0.45 a mile.

With a team across the country, we can cover any location in the United Kingdom including, but not limited to, London, Bristol, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Kent, and Newcastle.

A bespoke service is available if you would like to investigate a full multiple camera broadcast. Please get in touch to find out more.

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