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Our professional service allows you to capture the moments that may otherwise go unseen from the crematorium, church, graveside, or wherever you wish the service to take place. With the current pandemic making an already difficult situation that much harder, we hope to relieve some of that stress. By allowing those who cannot be there on the day due to circumstances beyond their control, live-streaming the service gives them a way to still say goodbye.

We do have some optional extras listed below. However, we emphasise that there are no hidden costs within our service’s and everything in our standard package is of high quality. 


What’s Included


Stream From Multiple Locations (From £150)

The passing of your loved one is quite often more than just a singular ceremony. Our Multiple Location service allows you to capture more of the day. Whether that be a religious ceremony at home, a special place of importance, a cremation service, a church service, graveside burial, and so on.

Should you be interested in more than 2 locations, get in touch and we can provide you a quote.

Extra Media Copies (From £15)

Please be aware that you can replay the video back at any time via your video link as standard.

Should you like any additional ‘hard copies’ – USB, DVD or Downloadable copies of the live webcast are available.

Editing (£30 per hour)

If you want the video edited once the stream is over, just let us know and we can get that taken care of. Once this is complete, we will send you a copy and switch over the video on the page.


If you would like to discuss live streaming options or have any further enquiries, please get in touch by filling out the form below or reviewing our frequently asked questions. We understand this is a difficult time so will do our very best to help fulfil any webcasting needs as quickly as possible.

All live services depend upon a reliable 4G connection, however, we do use the latest in mobile bonding technology to achieve maximum up-time. If there were to be an interruption to the stream, we do also record the video to the camera and can upload the content immediately after the service to the private video link.

All travel above a 100 mile return trip from our location is charged at £0.45 a mile.

With a team across the country, we can cover any location in the United Kingdom including, but not limited to, London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Kent, and Newcastle.

A bespoke service is available if you would like to investigate a full multiple camera broadcast. Please get in touch to find out more.

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