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A Personal Funeral Live Stream Service

As the UK’s premier funeral live stream provider, we complete in excess of 500 funeral streams every single year. The Funeral Streaming team pride ourselves on both our quality and importantly, our reliability. As well as our on-site streaming professional, we also have our technical support team keeping an eye on everything remotely. 

Our professional service allows you to capture the moments that may otherwise go unseen, from the crematorium, church, graveside, or wherever you wish the service to take place. With our funeral live stream service, those who cannot be there on the day can still say goodbye.  

As the world begins returning to normal, we know a lot of families are wishing to hold memorials services for their loved ones. Please get in touch if you would like us to live stream the service for you.

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What’s Included In A Funeral Live Stream?

Our standard package includes streaming from a single location, whether that be a church, crematorium, burial ground, cemetery or even the family home. But we can also move with the service to include streaming from your home, place of importance, church, graveside burial and more.

The Funeral Streaming team is based all over the United Kingdom, this allows us to stream from any location with ease and the first 100 miles is always included.

  • Crematorium Webcast – £295
  • Main service only – £495
  • Main service & burial/cremation – £645
  • Should you wish for us to stream from 3 or more locations, get in touch and we will send you a quote based on your requirements.

Any mileage beyond the included 100 miles is charged at 0.45p per mile.

Every Professional Package Includes:

We use HD and 4K cameras from fixed locations, manned by our funeral live stream professionals.

We also use up to five microphones in our standard set-up to ensure that we capture those speaking and the atmosphere in the venue to make sure that the viewer feels as if they were in the room.

We can provide multi-cam streams with live switching too, get in touch to find out more.

We use the same technology we use to send remote broadcasts to the BBC to bond multiple internet sources together to ensure that our streams are reliable and we have no reliance on the venue’s WiFi network during the funeral live stream.

We also supply our own power supplies using a range of high-end batteries.

Our ‘Viewing Rooms‘ aren’t indexed by search engines to give you privacy. You can also add password protection to the page if you want an extra layer of security.

They can also include links to an Order of Service, photo gallery, tributes, memorials and/or charity pages. They are also compatible with any smart device and there is no limit on the number of people that can watch, with people being able to tune in wherever they are in the world.

Our ‘Viewing Rooms’ can be accessed at any time, so anyone who wasn’t able to watch live will be able to tune in and watch the full service at their own convenience.

You will also receive a download of the service so you have a copy to keep forever.

Our team always dress appropriately for the service and aim to be as discreet as possible, arriving around 2 hours before the scheduled start time to run tests and set-up equipment.

We provided more than 450 funeral live streams in the last year and for each one, there is always a member of the team monitoring the quality of the stream to ensure the best viewing experience possible.

As a larger team with operators based all over the UK, we are able to both provide nationwide coverage and also keep our prices lower than most of our competitors. We generally stream 10-15 funerals a week, so you can rest assured that you are dealing with funeral streaming professionals.

We also include the first 100 miles of travel as part of our quote as standard. We have live stream professionals based across the UK and therefore additional travel costs are often low, with additional distance charged at 45p per mile.

In an effort to provide continued support to the NHS and Armed Forces we would like to offer a 5% discount on our services. 

Why Use Funeral Streaming?

Trusted by Funeral Directors and hundreds of families all over the UK, we stream in excess of 500 funerals per year.

The unrelenting demand encouraged many videographers who had never considered live-streaming before to turn their hand to our trade to keep their businesses afloat. However, our industry is complicated and constantly evolving. This requires a lot of work to get right and to ensure the quality is consistently high. We have the infrastructure and expertise in place to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

We have used our over 15 years of live streaming experience to ensure we can offer the best in our class.

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What Makes Us Unique?

Funeral live streams are our focus. Our team do this day in and day out and we are incredibly proud of what we do.

As well as our discreet live-streaming professional who will be physically in attendance at the funeral, we also have one of our technical support crew overseeing the quality of the video feed.

Our team will be constantly in contact with each other to ensure everything is high quality and working as expected.

We use a combination of professional grade platforms to ensure we have a back-up if necessary. Although it is rare, streaming platforms can go down without warning. We have our back-up streams already running, so should we need to, we can seamlessly switch to our alternative.

Our team also carry multiple microphones, batteries and internet sources to ensure we have backup solutions that we can use on the fly.

Yes, we appreciate that £495 for our professional service may be far from affordable for some people. However, amongst other like-for-like services we pride ourselves on being, at times, £100’s of pounds cheaper. 

We have also developed a service that allows your to Stream Yourself for just £95 or £195 with our rental equipment.


Our technical team has built a bespoke and customisable viewing experience. Meaning wecan create a page to host the stream that truly represents your loved one.

Take a look at one of our example pages.

We work directly with funeral directors and celebrants to ensure we take all of weight of planning off of your shoulders.

We are a growing team of 9 industry professionals who work in this industry full time. 

This means we are flexible and importantly, we are available to support you and your family in whatever way we can.

We are incredibly proud to share over 130 five star reviews with you. Please take a look at our range of funeral live stream reviews from a range of families, celebrants and valued customers.

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