live streaming a funeral frequently asked questions

The COVID-19 pandemic was not only a physical crisis but also a psychological one. It completely transformed our attitudes and behaviours, and in 2023, whilst a lot of ‘normal life’ has resumed, some members of the public still feel uncomfortable or anxious about attending mass events such as funerals. Dealing … Read more

live streaming a military funeral service. A flag shows the RAF ensign

Organising and funding a military funeral can be hard work at a time where you just want things to work easily. There can be additional components to consider, such as travel, traditions and logistics, which can feel like extra burdens during an extremely difficult time. Whether guests are unable to … Read more

shadows being cast from military graves

We’re often asked “where can I find a funeral director near me?”. has a helpful list of Funeral Directors & Undertakers alongside further information you may wish to consider. The below links will take you to the website. If you’re looking for a live stream of your funeral, … Read more