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COVID-19 Funeral – Live Streaming Options

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a physical crisis but also a psychological one. We know the death of a loved one during this time will be incredibly difficult. So we’re on hand to help by providing live streaming services for any Covid-19 funeral.

We want to be able to alleviate some pains and anxieties by helping people remain connected during this challenging time.

Many people are reckoning with individual losses, including illness and death due to the novel coronavirus. They may just have added pressures on top of an already difficult situation of planning a Covid-19 funeral. Current advice states you must limit the number of people in attendance. 

We hope our funeral live stream services can help you gain a level of control back. This way, you, your families and loved ones can still be a part of the service, wherever you are in the world.

Below are some links that experts have shared on what they know about the ways we’re mourning now — and how to help those who are grieving.

Covid-19 Funeral Help & Guidance:

NHS – Get help with grief after bereavement or loss

Help Guide – Coping with Grief and Loss

The Verge – Grief support systems have been wrecked by COVID-19

CNN Health – Grief and fear after a Covid-19 death: Managing a double trauma

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