Yvonne Hepburn

Date of funeral: 9 February 2021

Right from my initial enquiry Ben and Ryan have been excellent with their swift responses to my communications.  Everything was arranged so easily I had no doubts it would be perfect on the day.  I loved the fact that the link was setup so quickly with a memorial page featuring a picture of our loved one, detailing the date and time of the Live Streaming of the funeral.

On the day, Stephen our videographer was very professional and discreet during filming, you almost forgot he was there.  He was always ready and waiting at each location.  However, at the cemetery I was very concern for him as it was bitterly cold and snowing, and there was a delay, but he carried on as the professional he is.

My telephone never stopped ringing the day after the service with family and friends commenting on the exceptional quality and sound of the live stream, and wanting to know who we had used.

Family and friends from the UK, USA and Jamaica have given positive feedback and all have said they we glad to be able to watch and feel part of the event, for this I am extremely happy.   Thank you so much Ben, Ryan and Stephen for making my cousin’s final journey a memorable one.

I will have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to live stream their funeral.