Petrina E.

Date of funeral: 27 April 2020

After losing my dad so suddenly and tragically during the unprecedented times of the covid19 lockdown where the government restrictions on funerals were limited to a small number of people, my family and I now knew and appreciated the idea of streaming it all for members of our family and friends to be able to be part of the whole day virtually speaking.

This idea became an importance to find to suit the specific needs we wanted to encapsulate so we required a bespoke option.

When searching google for the best streamers, The Live Stream company’s website stood out above the rest because they offered a bespoke service and when I left my details for them to get back in contact with me, they did so speedily.

When in contact and I described my specific needs and requirements, they were very attentive, friendly and accommodating. They could always be contacted over the phone and showed integrity and humility. This was plain to see and evident on the day of the funeral and this service stands out far above the rest of other filming services, including YouTube and Facebook live etc, where you may get network and coverage issues. You also won’t get the quality.
The price quoted was reasonable and fair, but depending on what you require you pay what you ask for and I feel that it was money well spent and was definitely worth it.

The stream video that was put together of my dad’s funeral is something we all can continue to watch whenever and wherever.

The Live Stream Company is highly recommendable and if I require to use a service like this again I will definitely go back to the Quine brothers who are just a phone call away.