Lisa Oyetey

Date of funeral: 11 May 2023

I 100% recommend this service.

Prior to my Mum’s funeral and from our first contact, all questions were answered promptly which provided 100% confidence and put my family and me at ease. The website link was provided and I was able to share it with family in America, Barbados, Canada, Cyprus and the UK. The photos, order of service and tributes were all uploaded promptly and when we wanted them uploaded e.g. I asked for the tributes to be added after they had been read at the service.

On the funeral date, everything was captured perfectly on the live-streaming link (confirmed by my family and friends who could not attend). Perfect positioning, crystal clear sound and picture. This was at a very old church with limited power outlets and poor WiFi so we were initially concerned. It was not an issue at all as they come with their own power supply and internet connections. We also filmed the burial in the cemetery. We hardly noticed Stephen was present and wondered if everything had been captured! I can 100% confirm that Stephen captured everything beautifully.

We really could not have asked for anything more on a very special and sensitive day – thank you.