Lesley & Vassos

Date of funeral: 22 November 2023

Hi Ben,

I hope you are well and have enjoyed your weekend and that this message of our thanks and appreciation will start your week off with a smile.

Streaming the service was requested by our family, a little close to the day for comfort and, to be honest, was somewhat overwhelming.

When you answered my phone call I immediately felt that I had found the right person to stream Anna’s service. Your empathy, patience and kindness paired with your professionalism is stand out.

You brought calm to our conversation which I found so reassuring and enabled me to let go of the worry I had been feeling.

In spite of the nearness of the service you did not hurry me to confirm, quite the opposite, as you emphasised that I had time and that you would remain available for Anna’s service until I had reached a decision.

In a world that moves quickly, often sweeping us along at the same pace, I want to tell you that this meant so much to me at such a sad moment for our family.

Each and every communication between us, from our first & subsequent phone calls, through to your email below, was clear, easy to understand; you couldn’t have done than you did to simplify arrangements for me.

Stephen, who streamed Anna’s service, was discreet, so much so that I can’t recall being aware of his presence during the service,  a significant skill and accomplishment.

Our family who viewed the service live felt they were in the Church alongside us; our heartfelt thanks to Stephen who made this possible, on behalf of our family who were unable to attend in person.

There is a quality to your service that is unique; as though you understand exactly how this moment feels;  like a very competent & compassionate friend helping us through.

 Thank you.

Lesley & Vassos