Jeremy Stafford-Smith

Date of funeral: 19 January 2024

Funeral video streaming is no longer an unfortunate necessity of pandemic lockdowns. We have reached a much wider group of family, friends and ex-colleagues than we could have ever imagined. In the few days since our father’s funeral in a snowy N. Yorkshire landscape the video has been watched 80 times so far. Most views were within the UK but we were also joined by New Zealand, Australia, Aruba, Colombia, the USA, Italy and France. My personal favourite is the report from ex-colleagues sat in Kent in a private meeting room celebrating our father’s life in real time with us. Now how to achieve this for your occasion in a value for money way with low stress, high confidence and resilience of connectivity? Use the team at They were attentive, flexible and explained as much of the tech as we needed to know. The service had a clear picture, excellent sound and the curated photos at the end gave viewers a glimpse of our father’s wider life. One of the important aspect of this is our family has a downloaded memory of the day to revisit when needed.