George Hart

Date of funeral: 12 July 2023

Dear Ryan,

I heard from several people how good the live-streaming was but didn’t have the opportunity to watch it until now. It is excellent. Sitting in the church, even in the front row with both hearing aids in and working, I missed some of what was said, except by the Vicar who is very clear, but watching it today I heard every word. Moreover, the camerawork was faultless and I am so pleased it continued till everyone had left, so that I could see exactly who was there and match them against my memory. I must admit that I didn’t speak to your operator(s) (1 or 2?), because I was rather preoccupied and rushed off to the hall at the end to ensure everything was OK there, so please thank them very much and apologise to them for me. All I can say is that the result was worth every penny.