Elizabeth Owen

Date of funeral: 22 August 2023

I cannot thank Funeral Streaming enough for their professional and efficient service. They were so discrete that few people even realised they were there. Having the funeral recorded was such an amazing help as, not only could people hear better than in real life (some of our speakers were a little quiet), but those who missed the event were able to watch it at a later date. With funerals often being arranged fairly quickly it is impossible to ensure that all those who might be interested in attending can actually do so, but also for friends and family overseas they could watch at a more suitable time if necessary. Funeral Streaming also arranged for the recording to go onto Youtube and so even without the link people could still access the event. We have been amazed how the recording has been viewed in so many countries and, although such a sad time, it is heart-warming to see the numbers of people who have subsequently watched the funeral. Definitely a must for any major event. Thanks again.