Date of funeral: 28 November 2023

Used the services of Funeral Streaming last year. Ryan and the team made the process seamless from the very beginning, and remained professional throughout. I was already impressed by the email that they sent once we had confirmed the booking, which provided important information, keeping us well informed.
The platform is excellent, and well crafted. Having the order of service available to those online, and creating a space for tributes was a nice touch.
Stephen the videographer was well prepared, and well set up when we arrived. He’s evidently highly skilled and has fantastic intuition, knowing what to film and when. From beginning to end, he captured important and beautiful moments which will always be cherished. We’ve had positive feedback from those accross the world who tuned in, and commented on the excellent quality of the reception and livestream. The additional bonus is that the livestream was recorded and can be watched by those who weren’t able to watch the funeral live. A download of the livestream can be requested. Thank you to Ryan and the team again, I’ll be recommending your services to others moving forward.