Cliff C.

Date of funeral: 1 June 2020

The funeral was in Blyth, Northumberland with my family and I living in the South of England and one of my family members in America. We also have relatives in Malta and Australia.

Did not know what to expect or whether a live stream video service would do justice for the funeral service of my beloved mother. Myself and my own family plus relatives living elsewhere in the UK and abroad were able to watch the funeral service live as we were unable to travel/attend the funeral due to the coronavirus restrictions and high risk family members. For me personally, being able to watch it live was the next best thing, whilst keeping all family members, particularly those who are high risk, safe.

Well, this did do it justice and was professionally well done by Ben. We were able to experience and feel part of the moment, as well as feel everyone’s emotions who were present at the funeral service itself. Lovely emotional things were said from the hearts of others and not a dry eye in my household. It really made me realise how lovely and amazing my mum was, not just to me, but to others, and we were all able to share our grief and grieve together on the day. It also enabled me to experience what other less acquainted family members and relatives really thought of mum and how much she genuinely meant to them, and how much others loved her. A bit of an eyeopener in this regard, and i now see some in another light. The live video stream was also a humbling experience. It is great to be able to watch it over again and to be able to download it for safekeeping. I think i will watch the downloaded video¬† on the same date each year to remind me of this day and to appreciate/respect the family members and relatives who opened up their hearts and shared their feelings with all. It will also help remind me of how special mum was to so many people and how she enriched their lives.

Those who attended the funeral also commented on how nice and comforting it was to be able to watch the funeral service afterwards from an outside perspective because when you are there, and in the moment, there are things you do not see concerning yourself as well as others which makes you appreciate it even more. Most, if not all, watched the video stream at least once, if not more, over again on the day of the funeral.

Ben did a fantastic job and did everything he could to make the live stream special for us. This service comes highly recommended by us, and once again, thank you very much Ben, regards Cliff & Paula’s family.