Angela Moore

Date of funeral: 10 December 2020

To Ben and all your team. Thank you for providing a very important service for us on a very significant day during a very unusual time in the world. We never imagined that when my 106-year-old grandfather passed away, only  30 people would be allowed in the church service, we would all have to wear masks, none of us would be allowed to sing and we would have to remain separated in ‘bubbles’ so as not to spread a virus. Nevertheless, your live streaming service gave our family both here in the UK and in Jamaica the best way for us all to be together, in real-time, for such a historical event.  It allowed for attendees to leave their tributes and to have access to the recording and the order of service via a link that is available for all time.  Your cameraman did a wonderful job at capturing both the somber mood in the church and the joyful mood at the cemetery, despite the best efforts of the JCB digger!!! It was worth every penny. Thank you for your service at such a time as this. We will recommend you to others that we know. May God bless you, your team and your enterprise with prosperity. Amen!