Cambridge City Crematorium

Date of funeral: 17 June 2020

Venue Location: Cambridge City Crematorium, Cambridge
The Funeral Director: Richard Stebbings Funeral Services Ltd, Cambridge
Type of service: Single Venue

Thank you so much for ensuring that the Service for our dear friend yesterday was captured. It was so appreciated by those watching from their homes. In these tricky times, where attendance at the funeral of a loved one is so restricted, it brought great comfort to so many to be able to join in the celebration of the life of a remarkable lady, as it was taking place. You were so discrete, yet still able to capture the essence of everything that happened, including before the service took place.  I have had positive feedback from the people unable to attend, including from abroad, who felt that they were able to be included in this wonderful celebration of a loved family member and friend with a true zest for life. – Karen N.

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