funeral live stream

What to expect from funeral live streaming?

Death happens without notice and being left to arrange the funeral service can be overwhelming. On top of finding reputable suppliers for the day (advice from the NAFD can be found here), pressures on making it work for attendees can add to the stress. For many, long-distance travel at such short notice might not be possible. This can be for many reasons: work, health, travel costs or a lack of travel options. So funeral live streaming may need to be considered.

It is common for a funeral to take place just a few days after a loved one has passed away. Plus, if there are circumstances that prevent those who wish to pay their respects, they won’t be able to attend the service.

In those cases, live streaming a funeral allows everyone to attend as part of the celebration.

With a funeral live stream, you should expect to receive:

  • A high-quality video so that those watching can feel as if they were at the service.
  • A reliable live stream that won’t stop or falter part way through the service.
  • Clear audio so that the viewer can hear what is said at the lectern.
  • Discreet and inconspicuous cameras and equipment at the service.
  • A private viewing link so that only those you want to see the service can.
  • The ability to watch the service back at a later date so that anyone unable to view at the time the service happens may do so later.

So if you’re interested in booking a live stream of a funeral, you can make a non-commitment enquiry here.