Funeral Streaming During Coronavirus

The practice of live-streaming a funeral is already fairly normal in some areas of the USA. But it’s ever-growing popularity in the UK during the 2020 global pandemic has started to gain the attention of some news outlets. See below for some of the latest articles on funeral streaming during Coronavirus. – New funeral guidelines issued: live streaming, delayed memorials, and new gestures to replace hugging

“The guidelines encourage celebrants to inform families and clients on digital alternatives to a traditional ceremony. These include: conducting family visits by phone or video call, minimum numbers of essential attendees; webcasting an online ceremony they can attend in real-time, being able to keep a recording. Pre-recording of the ceremony on video and audio to provide to the family for dissemination at their discretion; and a short direct cremation live-streamed with a memorial ceremony, which may include interment of ashes, then held at a future date.”

Economist – How COVID-19 is changing funerals

BBC – Coronavirus: Demand for live-streaming funerals set to increase

The Sun – REST IN PEACE How many people are allowed at a funeral during coronavirus lockdown?

“Are burials being live streamed for family and friends who can’t attend?
According to The Church of England’s guidance for clergy when it comes to funeral services, family and friends of the deceased who cannot attend funerals should be engaged either by telephone or online.

The Church of England has released guidance in order to ensure funeral services can go ahead in a safe manner. In the guidance, it is suggested that funerals can be live streamed from the graveside to loved ones who are not able to attend.
They also encourage people to get creative with streaming services. Other institutions are encouraging the use of live streams at funerals as it limits the number of people who attend funerals.”

Coventry Telegraph – Church broadcasts first funeral via live-stream to meet Covid-19 restrictions


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